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Power of Teamwork - Testimonials

I can’t thank you enough for the experience we had out on the water and in the clubhouse. The impact that it has had on the team has been more than I could have ever hoped for. Everybody has come to comment on how much they took away from the day, and our learnings have become pillars of wider team development on my project. The quality of the photos and video production was excellent and has facilitated some of the messaging around the day and the importance of being confident in our task, being in sync with each other, and the need to “balance the boat” between task and process.

Scott Connor, Construction Director, John Holland
Thank you (again) Linda & North Shore Rowing Club Members,
Time and time again you’ve exceeded expectations! The opportunity to co-design, develop and provide an optimum learning experience for participants was successfully delivered. After 10 years of working together, I am and always will be, grateful for your genuine positive regard for everyone and introducing your love of rowing to others. Your understanding, focus on psychological, cultural and physical safety and never ending curiosity to debrief, learn more about continuous improvement by asking the client for feedback is a rare collaborative partnership. Thank you
Finally, your role modelling of leadership and teamwork from ‘every seat in the boat’ begins with the trust I feel with you and when we first begin our conversations together. From my observations, participating are genuinely reluctant to leave your beautiful club and the warm and inclusive culture you’ve created. Again, thank you for making such an effort for all of us to experience such a memorable and in some cases, life changing event.  You rock!
Denise Weinreis – AGSM Fellow | Adjunct Associate Professor | AGSM @ UNSW Business School

On the weekend, I took my daughter and a couple of her friends (with my son in tow as well) on a TreeTops high-ropes course for her birthday. I’d never even been in a climbing harness before, but I was able to stay calm and get through the whole thing. It was the lessons from the rowing activity in EAY1 that helped me manage the couple moments of panic – it was a truly valuable learning experience, and one that I’m expecting to reap benefits from it for years to come. This ability to face physical challenges with confidence was an unexpected benefit from the MBA study.
Dave – AGSM MBA Student

Perfect day, your crew are fantastic, and the learning is deep!  Thank you! 

Matthew Byrne | Program Director – Adjunct Faculty | AGSM, University of NSW

A big, big thanks to your team for a fantastic day on Wednesday.  Everyone thought it was wonderful and your team is terrific!  The food was delicious and particularly the bacon and egg pie!. 

Adele Seale – Custom Relationship Manager | AGSM, University of NSW

Testimonials from General Managers’ Program – November 2022

Dear North Shore Rowing Club Team,

Thank you so much for hosting us last week in beautiful Lane Cove for the team building experience. This half day spent with you all was a highlight of the week. From start to finish this experience was exceptional, the thought and discussion all the volunteers have dedicated to this experience was obvious. This experience opened our minds to how good a well-oiled team can be, as we all progressed throughout the morning it was a real buzz to enter the rowing zone and feel the ease of the boat as it glided over the water with all of us in unison. The home-made breakfast and morning tea added the cream on top, amazing fair (carrot cake got my vote!). I wish you all an enjoyable Christmas and the very best for the members of the club and the ongoing growth of this program. Should I ever have the chance to bring my team to Sydney I will add this to our agenda as item number 1!.

Kind Regards

Matt Bron – Experience Design and Development Director | Tourism and Events Queensland 

From the moment we arrived until the moment we left, Linda and her team provided a safe and nurturing space. While I am not a rower (nor a swimmer) I felt supported and encouraged through the training exercise, while we were on the water and throughout the problem solving exercise. I would absolutely recommend the rowing session for any leadership program. The mental clarity and mindfulness along with the teamwork meant that everyone in our group was champing at the bit to have a second round out on the water. Thank you so much!’

Jo Death – General Manager Melbourne | ThinkPlace Global

Dear Linda, thank you so much for having us at your club and teaching us to row. Whilst the rowing was great fun, the lessons learnt in terms of leadership, coaching and teamwork were crystal clear and informed many of the concepts discussed on the AGSM GMP course. A big thank you to the volunteers who made us feel so welcome (especially Kim and Kath on the red boat) and provided some of the best snacks ever tasted on a study course! I have had no hesitation in mentioning your course back here at Westpac as a great teambuilding exercise and will hopefully be able to return with the team in due course. Many thanks

Paul Santamaria- Acting Deputy Company Secretary | Westpac

My sincere thanks to the team at North Shore rowing for the fantastic experience.  Not only was the setting superb but the leadership and support that was provided by the volunteer team was second to none.  I continue to reflect on the day and what is means for both my leadership, as well as potential future sporting interests! Thanks again.

Blake Harvey – General Manager Design & Delivery Standards | Operations Division

Please thank Linda and the rowing team for the wonderful, uplifting few hours I spent with them.

Without their professionalism, support and warmth, I don’t think I would have had the confidence (as a non swimmer) to have got onto the (deceptively) fragile looking boat and lasted the 90 mins.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and felt a great sense of pride and achievement after the experience. The lovely morning tea was an added bonus. More power to all of them!

Uma Pillay – Senior Manager, Department of Education