North Shore Rowing-The Power of Teamwork-FAQs

The Power of Teamwork
Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any rowing or sporting ability?
Not at all – in fact, some of our most successful crews have been made up of participants that had no team sport experience. That is the beauty of the program, how these skills are developed.

Will I get wet?
Depending on the skill of your crew, there may be some splashing.

Will I fall in?
It is highly unusual for an eight boat to capsize or anyone to fall into the river. We take every care and precaution on these days to ensure our guests are safe in every way. However, given rowing is a water sport, we can’t say it’s impossible for someone to fall in the water.  Non-swimmers must wear a life jacket.

Are there sharks in the river?
Possibly, but most of our members have never seen one.

Do I need to be able to swim?
Many of our guests do not know how to swim.  In that case, they wear a lifejacket in the boat.  Any guest who is nervous about being in the boat can wear a life jacket.

What happens if I have an injury or medical problem and can’t row?
You are still assigned to a crew and you will go in the motor boat with your coach when your crew is on the water.  You will be an official observer and take a more active part in the debriefing after the activity.  You will likely be able to take part in the on-land activities.

What safety measures are in place?
Our guests’ safety is our top priority. Each crew is accompanied by a coach in a motor boat. In addition to this, a safety motor boat will be on the water at all times to monitor the crews. If required, we are able to substitute participants for experienced rowers whilst on the water. Radio contact is continually maintained between all boats, the safety boat and the club house. We have a number of members who are doctors or nurses and often one of them is volunteering on the program.  We are a Covid safe club and abide by NSW Health regulations at all times.  Our members have been fully vaccinated and all participants on our programs must be fully vaccinated.

Can I participate as an individual in the program?
Unfortunately, no, this program is designed for organisations to develop leadership and teamwork skills through rowing.

What types of organisations is this suitable for?
Any organisation that wants to nurture the best from their team. This can be middle manager to executive level, or an intact team within the organisation.